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Acceptance Tri Hita Karana Bangle with a gift box. (from Indonesia) 

Bead size: 8mm approx. 

Bracelet size: Fits most wrists because it is elasticated. 


This beautiful and colourful Bangle refers to the traditional philosophy of life - Tri Hita Karana which is popular on the island of Bali, Indonesia. 

This Tri Hita Karana bangle symbolizes acceptance. An important element of Tri Hita Karana is the acceptance of imperfection. By accepting faults in others, we find beauty and wisdom. 
Basically, how to find perfection in imperfection. This refers to the fact of the imperfection of life, nothing lasts, is not completed, and is never truly perfect. So, acceptance of imperfection brings a sense of peace in seeing the natural way of life. 
Tri Hita Katana is about balance. 

Tri= three, hita=happiness, karana=elements. 

The elements can be summed up as, God-Humans-Nature. 

Finding a balance between these three leads to happiness and well-being. 


Materials: Stone, glass, wood beads. 


Please note: The pictures are examples of the bangle each bangle is unique, and the one you receive may differ slightly in shape, size, and colour. 


Buy here from our online store or at our Crystal and Gift shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Acceptance Tri Hita Karana Bangle - Size Elasticated

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