The 7 main CHAKRA'S

Meanings and detailed information guide.

This amazing little Ebook is 26 pages in total and it is crammed packed with the most useful information that any Reiki, energy therapist or natural healer needs while performing a treatment or teaching.

We have made it so easy to see at a glance what each of the 7 main chakras are associated to, connected to etc.


Each chakra has its own page which has been separated into 8 sections. We have used easy to view and understand flow charts to quickly assist you in finding out which chakras have problems.


For example: If your client has a bladder or leg problem, you can easily check the flow charts and see that they will more than likely have a blockage or problem with their Root chakra. Or if they have arthritis the flow chart will show you that this is connected to the Solar Plexus chakra.


The 8 sections on each chakra flow chart cover the following areas.

  • The general information like, colour, sound/mantra, goals, identity, holding pattern, hormonal glands etc.
  • Addictions
  • Central ability
  • The emotional areas it is associated with
  • Which organs each chakra is connected to
  • What physical dysfunctions indicate that the chakra has a problem
  • We also have healing strategies for each chakra, and guide you with which crystals and essential oils to use to assist in healing them and keeping them balanced
  • We also give you affirmations for each chakra to assist in healing them and keeping them balanced


I created this chakra guide to make life easy and to assist myself as a chakra healer and teacher, and to give it to my students when they do my workshops and online courses.


The guide book has been made in full colour and we have also added it in Black and white so it will be much more convenient if you want to print it off to give to your students.


I have also added some blank flowcharts which are useful for you if you want to add any extra information or assist you in teaching your students. (They can easily be printed off)


It is a must for anyone wanting to understand more about chakras and for those who work as a therapist or teach.


The Ebook is in PDF file format which is readable and printable on most devices.


The 7 main CHAKRA'S - Ebook guide - For students and teachers

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  • The Ebook is in PDF file format which is readable and printable on most devices.

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