This is a wonderful collection of 92 EBOOKS covering, Alternative health, Natural healing, Energy healing, Personal development, Spiritual development etc….


(Which can be read on any computer, mobile, tablet, laptop or Mac)

Below are the titles of each of the 92 amazing Ebooks:



  1. Mastering Manifestation
  2. The Vault of Motivational Quotes
  3. Self-Improvement Fast Track
  4. Mind and Memory Mastery
  5. Personal Productivity
  6. The Big Book of Personal Affirmations and Mantras
  7. I’m Not Religious I’m Spiritual
  8. The Great Personal Development Books
  9. The Health Zen
  10. Positive Thinking
  11. You Can Heal Yourself
  12. Hypnotherapy Healing
  13. The Chakra Checklist
  14. Spiritual Affirmations
  15. Affirmative Prayer
  16. Booze Basher
  17. Self Confidence Unleashed
  18. An Introduction to Feng Shui
  19. Aromatherapy
  20. Aromatherapy Arsenal
  21. Binaural Beats Healing for Everyone
  22. Boost Your Health with Gua Sha
  23. Christian Faith Healing
  24. Crystal Healing
  25. Heal yourself through Hologram Therapy
  26. Heal with Psychotherapy
  27. Heal Yourself Qi Gong
  28. Heal Yourself Tui Na
  29. True calling and life purpose rediscovered
  30. Eternal Life and YOU
  31. Feng Shui Fortunes
  32. Healing inside and outside
  33. How to Stop Worrying
  34. Health Harmony
  35. Tarot Card Readings and your destiny
  36. Skin care basics
  37. Gratitude for Today
  38. Healing the Inner Child
  39. Breaking the Habit
  40. How To Beat Acne For Good
  41. Step by Step Acne Treatment
  42. Get glowing skin
  43. Living Life
  44. Living on Purpose
  45. Shamanism
  46. Spiritual Supremacy
  47. Thinking Big and Getting Rich
  48. Time Titan
  49. Abundance Living Basics
  50. Abundance Mantras
  51. Abundance Happiness
  52. Abundance - Love
  53. Abundance - Spirituality
  54. Abundance – Wealth
  55. Affirmation Basics
  56. Beginners Guide to Meditation
  57. Accelerated Health Lessons
  58. Public Speaking Quick Fix
  59. The Hypnosis Hand Book
  60. NLP Mastery
  61. Reiki 101
  62. Reiki Retreat
  63. Restless Leg Syndrome
  64. Polarity Therapy
  65. Say Goodbye to Bad Health through Cupping
  66. Meditation for Peace
  67. Quick Permanent Weight Loss
  68. Boost Your Metabolism
  69. Fat Burning 101
  70. Get the Body Of Your Dreams
  71. Healthy Fat Loss
  72. Finding God
  73. Angelic Reiki
  74. Properties of Organic Healing
  75. Miracle Healing Properties of Transfer Factor
  76. Yin and Yang Polarities
  77. Lose Weight Today with Yoga
  78. Saving Power Saving the World
  79. Fantastic Organic Food Facts
  80. Beginners Guide to Yoga
  81. Happiness Overflow
  82. Psychic Self Defence Strategy
  83. Effortless Abundance
  84. Hypnotherapy Health
  85. Hypnotic NLP
  86. Healing Through Lucid Dreaming
  87. Positive Thinking as The Key to Success
  88. What Can Self Hypnosis Do for You and Your Business?
  89. Fame and Fortune Affirmations
  90. Financial and Wealth Affirmations
  91. Leadership Affirmations
  92. Self Help Affirmations


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EBOOKS - Get 92 Ebooks on Alternative health, Healing and personal development

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