Why do we think negative thoughts? With Teacher Michael Stavrinides.

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

DAY 7 - Date 18th April 2020

Why do we think negative thoughts? With Teacher Michael Stavrinides.

In a way most of us are addicted to thinking, most of us start thinking from the second we are born and will continue until our last breath.

The main problem with this, is for most of us, a lot of our thoughts are negative, fearful, worrying thoughts that create us unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Why do we think this way I hear you ask?

We have inherited our mind and thought process from our ancestors, the mind and thought process of our ancestors was very helpful and useful for them and one of the reasons we are all here today.

Their way of thinking helped our ancestors to stay alive. For them their mind was always on the lookout for potential threats and dangers. They run the daily risk of being eaten by a saber tooth tiger or some other wild animal.

This mind we have inherited may have been useful for them, but in our world the threats we face on a daily basis are usually not life threatening, most of the fears and worries we now face, are within reason “Manageable”

But our mind and thoughts usually greatly over exaggerate the situation, you see one of the main jobs of our mind is to protect us. So, any possible difficult situation or obstacle is seen as a potential threat. The mind then puts things into alert mode, your mind is then focused on this potential threat.

The “what if” and “maybe” etc… thoughts come flooding in as you try to get some sort of twisted clarity and control over the situation, by thinking and obsessing over it.

As you create more negative thoughts, you get more stressed and anxious.

What happens next is the rational part of the brain switches off and more irrational distorted thoughts come flooding in.

If the mind and your thoughts are left to run riot, the mind can create emotional unbalance and even panic attacks, and this is all created by the mind, can you see now how powerful our thoughts are ?

So, you maybe thinking to yourself, but what can I do about it, I have no control over how I think…

Well I am here to let you know, you can…

As a Mindfulness and Mindset teacher and mentor I teach people to learn how to train the mind, and in doing so, one of the many things they learn is to be able to choose what they want to think about, and what they don’t Want to think about.

By training the mind you will be able to focus on more positive productive thoughts, you will be no longer defenseless at the mercy of the minds negative fearful thoughts and destructive thinking processes, but instead, you will decide whether you want to spend your time thinking about something or not thinking about it, and by doing this on a regular basis you will gain more balance, clarity and perspective in any given situation.

You will stop being a slave to your mind and thoughts, and become its master.

You may have noticed that when you are worrying over a situation or event, most of your thoughts are focused on this worry, even when you are trying to do other jobs and activities which shifts your thoughts and focus for a short time, you find that in a split second your mind can be straight back into the same negative fearful thought patterns that the problem creates.

When this problem passes, and your fear and worry about this problem subsides, have you noticed that you get relief for a short time, and then the mind finds another thing to start worrying about, and the cycle starts all over again.

As a mindfulness and mindset teacher and mentor, I teach and guide my clients how to break this cycle of negative thinking. By working together, we will address some of the root causes of these negative thoughts, they could stem from limiting beliefs, low self-esteem or other underline causes.

Learning and practicing mindfulness and mindset training, can create many positive changes in all our lives, I have highlighted a few here to give you some perspective and realize with practice, patience and dedication everything is possible.

If you want to take the next step, and if you want to find out more, for the next 3 weeks you are welcome to have a FREE 30 minutes one to one online session with me, the session will give you an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the process of how I teach and mentor, most importantly we will have the opportunity to meet each other and find out if I would be the right teacher and mentor for you.

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Many of the thoughts you think of today, will be the same as the thoughts you thought of yesterday, and will be the same thoughts you will be thinking tomorrow.

Choose what you think about!!!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: We don’t fight with the mind, or hate it, we love it and thank it for trying to protect us in it’s own way, we acknowledge it and show love and compassion, but also let it know that things have changed and it must also change to better care and protect us in this new world we now live in.

If you have any questions please post them in the “comments” section below and I will do my best to answer them for you.

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