Just acknowledge your painful, fearful thoughts and keep living your life, keep moving forward, don’t feed these thoughts by focusing on them, just acknowledge them. (acknowledge that the thought is there, (e.g., My boss is mad with me again, is he going to fire me?)

The thought does not control what comes next. (your emotions, feelings, and behaviour.)

You control what comes next!!!

The next step forward needs to be a positive step, it could be a small, manageable step, but it needs to be a positive step forward. (e.g., I’ll get up and tidy my room I have been wanting to do this for ages or I’ll start my homework.) or the next positive step could be what you were planning to do that day before the painful fearful thought arose.

When you LIVE YOUR LIFE on your terms, these painful, fearful thoughts lose their power over you and fade into the background.

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