“The Different Types of Meditation?” With Teacher Michael Stavrinides.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

DAY 5 - Date 9th April 2020

“The Different Types of Meditation?” With Teacher Michael Stavrinides.

There are traditionally 3 types of meditation practices, Concentration meditation, TM or Transcendental meditation and Mindfulness meditation.

Over recent years other forms of non-tradition meditations have been introduced into main stream society.

I have listed below brief descriptions of the 3 types of traditional meditations and some of the non-traditional forms of meditation.

Always remember: Choose the type(s) of meditation to practice that feels right for you at this time. Approach this part of your journey with meditation as a exciting time, a time of self-discovery, a time for just you.

1. Grounding meditation is a practice that connects you energetically with the earth, it helps you focus your mind on the present and feel more balanced. It can be used as a standalone meditation or in combination with other meditation practices.

2. Guided visualization and sound meditations are not accepted as traditional meditation, because they make the mind work, they are very useful in relaxing the mind and body before a traditional meditation and are very useful for those that are beginners in learning to meditate as it is a great place to start.

3. Chakra balancing guided visualization meditation helps balance the Chakras. It is very popular as many people are now hearing the word “Chakras” and this type of meditation helps to balance and heal the mind, body, spirit and emotions it also helps to strengthen the sitter’s visualization skills.

4. Concentration meditation is to focus the mind and bring all your awareness on only one positive thing, which could be an inner or outer object like a symbol, icon, sound, mantra or an object, this object could be a crystal, the flame of a candle etc...

Concentration meditation stills the body and calms the mind in order to reach higher states of consciousness.

5. Transcendental Meditation or TM is a form of silent mantra meditation, your teacher will give you your own personal mantra to use. The mantra is repeated during your meditation session. The mantra, is used as the vehicle to help the mind settle down. The meditation practice is usually practiced for 20 minutes twice per day while sitting with your eyes closed.

6. Contemplative meditation is a train of thought and a detailed inspection and study about something. This could be a beautiful saying, religious text, insightful saying etc… It is done by first getting into a focused and relaxed state, then read the text you want to contemplate on out loud or in your head, then focus on the words. You can focus on the imagery that the words create, the sound of the words, the underlying meaning of each word and the text as a whole sentance, or on the way the words make you feel. Follow your intuition and just go with what feels right. This form of meditation helps you find greater insight and the deeper meanings these words and text have personally for you. By doing this it can give you a fresh new perspective, which may help you see things very differently.

7. Breathing meditation is a wonderful meditation especially if you are short of time as it quickly relaxes the mind and body. In Breathing meditation, the sitter brings their full focus to their breathing, they do not try to change the rhythm of their breathing they just bring their full focus and awareness to following it. It can be used as a standalone meditation or in combination with other meditation practices.

8. Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation are the adoption of a new positive mind set, it is achieved by observing objectively, while being non-judgemental and staying in the present moment.

The most important skills to use while practicing mindful meditation is to observe the thoughts rather than attach or buy into them, to adopt a flexible, non-judgmental mindset and practice letting the thoughts go, while staying in the present moment.

If you have any questions please post them in the “comments” section below and I will do my best to answer them for you.

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