Overcoming Fear With Teacher Michael Stavrinides.

Updated: May 1, 2020

Overcoming Fear - With Teacher Michael Stavrinides.

“Please do not feed the fears”

We have all experienced fear at some time in our lives, the mind creates fearful thoughts which alert us to the fight, flight or even freeze response. To a certain degree this process can be very helpful to keep us safe, it becomes very unhelpful when our minds create irrational fearful thoughts that create unnecessary stress, worry and anxiety.

So how do we start to become aware of which of our fears are rational or irrational?

There are many approaches to this, I will be explaining about the “fear journal” approach in this article.

A fear journal may sound a bit scary, but by journaling our fears and worries we become aware of how our fears are grouped and connected, it then gives us the information to start looking and finding the root cause or causes of the fears.

By keeping a fear journal, we become aware of just how often we have fearful, worrying thoughts and emotions, and how many fearful, worrying thoughts and emotions we have on a daily basis.

When I work mindfully with clients, after a week of the client daily journaling, we can start to evaluate the information and with this information we can then start to address the irrational smaller fears.

By starting to address and face your irrational smaller fears, you start to then train the mind.

It also informs the mind that there is no need to see this irrational fear as a fear anymore. This is a form of positive, productive conditioning.

Most of us associate the word “conditioning” with negative thoughts and feelings, but it is really about perspective. We may have created these thoughts and fears from being conditioned but we can also un-condition ourselves by using productive conditioning to create a new more balanced mindset which has clarity and sees situations and events objectively and with perspective.

If you have any questions please post them in the “comments” section below and I will do my best to answer them for you.

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