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LEARN REIKI level 2 and beginners meditation in just 3 days !!!

Whether you live in Cyprus or on holiday this is a great opportunity to learn 3 amazing things in a 3 day workshop !!!

The Reiki level 2 workshop and The "Beginners" Meditation workshop are taught over 3 days with 21 hours of teaching from our Reiki master/teacher and certified Meditation and Crystal healer at our Natural Healing & Wellness center in Paphos, Cyprus.

Over the three days you will be attuned to the Reiki level 2 energy and receive a beautiful Reiki level 2 certificate, a 80 page Reiki level 2 printed manual also a printed “Beginners” meditation manual and a beautiful “Beginners” meditation certificate of participation.

Prerequisite: You must have completed a Reiki level 1 workshop or course with us or someone else before attending a Reiki level 2 workshop. Evidence will be needed either be producing a Reiki level 1 certificate or by other means.

Details: This is a 3 day workshop (21 hours teaching in total)

Date of workshop: See our upcoming workshops scheduled Click here

Times: Day 1 - 9am until 5pm / Day 2 - 9am until 5pm / Day 3 - 9am until 5pm
Location: The Natural Healing & Wellness center in Paphos, Cyprus
Language: English
Cost: €375

Teacher: Michael Stavrinides (Reiki master/teacher/healer, Meditation teacher, Mindfulness Master practitioner and coach, Crystal Reiki master/teacher, Spiritual teacher, NLP practitioner, Karuna Ki Reiki master/teacher, Pranic healer, Quantum Touch healer, Crystal healer, Life coach, Spirit guide coach, Energy healer) Find out more about the teacher Click Here

PLEASE NOTE: A deposit of €100 is needed to reserve your place; the balance is to be paid 7 days before the day of the workshop.

For more information or to book your place
Contact Us:
Mobile: (+357) 99447312 (Also whatsapp & viber)


What does the Reiki 2 workshop enable me to do:

The Reiki 2 workshop allows you to practice as an advanced Reiki Practitioner for the general public and charge for your services. You need to have already completed Reiki 1 before moving to Reiki level 2

What will happen in the Reiki 2 - 2 day workshop:

1. You will learn to use the three powerful Reiki symbols.
2. You will be attuned to the Reiki 2 energy. which will enable you to channel more energy.
3. You will learn how to prepare your room before you give your clients a treatment.
4. You will learn the hand positions to do healing on clients, friends and family.
5. You will learn to do healing on your pets.
6. You will learn how to protect yourself from negative people and energies
7. You will learn how to feel energy.
8. You will learn different methods of distant healing.
9. You will learn how to heal the past.
10. You will learn how to scan the body and clean the aura.
11. You will learn how to work with your guides and helpers.
11. You will learn about the 7 main chakras and the human energy system

What you receive from this Reiki 2 course:

1. A beautiful Reiki level 2 certificate which allows you to practice as an advanced Reiki Practitioner for the general public and charge for your services.
2. A complete full colour printed 80 page Reiki 2 manual.
3. You will have ongoing support from us at our center, we are here should you need help, guidance or support.
4. A laminated picture of the 5 Reiki principles.
5. A beautiful framed picture of the founder of Reiki Mikao Usui.
6. Access to our Reiki 2 members area on our website with lots of free information, posters and downloads.

MEDITATION WORKSHOP “For Beginners” Details:

The meditation part of the workshop is for beginners and those that are struggling to learn to meditate on their own.

All meditations on the workshop day are done while seated in a chair or on a cushion on the floor (The choice is yours.)


In the workshop we focus on overcoming many beginners’ problems that are faced when they start learning meditation.


  • “I Can’t Stop Thinking!” (Quieting the monkey mind)

  • “I Can’t Seem to Relax”

  • “I Can’t Seem To Find Time for Meditation”

  • “I Keep Nodding Off / Spacing Out”

  • “I (Don’t) See Colors / Light / Visions”

  • “I Feel Cramps / Pains / Tingling / Cold / Hot When I Meditate”

The meditations we will be teaching in this workshop are:

  • Guided visualization meditation

  • Chakra balancing guided meditation

  • Sound meditation

  • Breathing meditation

  • Concentration meditation

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Living mindfully in your daily life, living in the present moment.


What you receive from the Meditation workshop “For Beginners”:

  • A beautiful “Beginners” certificate of participation

  • A printed manual (For you to keep)