We offer a full range of massages from relaxation and stress relief through to acute and chronic pain relief with a variety of different styles (Asian, Swedish or Indian style.)

Our certified massage therapist has 14 year experience in massage.

Either you can choose the type and style of massage you require or our massage therapist with their vast experience will sit with you and together you can find the best type and style of massage for your personal needs or condition.

We also offer combination treatments of massage and natural energy healing with chakra balancing.

Our Indian head massages are ideal for relaxing the mind and releasing built up pressure in your head and neck.

Our deep tissue back massages or deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massages are ideal for acute and chronic pain relief

Our hand and foot massages are great for relaxation and pampering.

Our full body Swedish or Asian massages are perfect for relaxation and stress reduction.

Our full body deep tissue Swedish or Asian massages are perfect for acute and chronic pain relief.

We also have relaxing and therapeutic Aromatherapy massages and hot stone massages.

Why not treat your partner to one of our relaxing couple’s massages or a combination couple’s massage with natural energy healing and chakra balancing.

We also cater for wedding parties, Valentine ’s Day treats, birthday treats, anniversaries etc...

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