and Crystal Healing

in Paphos - Cyprus and in English



LEARN REIKI level 1 and basic Crystal healing in just 1 and a half days !!!

Whether you live in Cyprus or on holiday this is a great opportunity to learn two amazing things in a 1 and a half day workshop !!!

The Reiki level 1 workshop and The "Beginners" Crystal healing workshop is taught over a day and a half with 10 and a half hours of teaching from our Reiki master/teacher and certified Crystal healer at our Natural Healing & Wellness center in Paphos, Cyprus.

Over the day and a half you will be attuned to the Reiki level 1 energy and receive a beautiful Reiki level 1 certificate, a 80 page Reiki 1 printed manual, a 37 page printed crystal healing manual, a set of 7 chakra crystals and a beautiful “Beginners” Crystal healing certificate of participation.

Details: This is a day and a half workshop (10 and a half hours teaching in total)

Date of workshop: See our upcoming workshops scheduled Click here

Times: Day 1 - 10am until 6pm / Day 2 - 10am until 1.30pm
Location: The Natural Healing & Wellness center in Paphos, Cyprus
Language: English
Cost: €325

Teacher: Michael Stavrinides (Reiki master/teacher/healer, Meditation teacher, Spiritual teacher, Pranic healer, Quantum Touch healer, Crystal healer, Life coach, Spirit guide coach, Energy healer) Find out more about the teacher Click Here

PLEASE NOTE: A deposit of €100 is needed to reserve your place; the balance is to be paid 7 days before the day of the workshop.

For more information or to book your place
Contact Us:
Mobile: (+357) 99447312 (Also whatsapp & viber)


What does the Reiki level 1 workshop enable me to do:

The Reiki level 1 workshop certificate enables you to do self healing, heal your friends, family and your pets.

What you will learn on the Reiki level 1 workshop:


  1. You will learn what is Reiki

  2. You will learn how Reiki works

  3. You will learn the history of Reiki

  4. You will learn the 5 Reiki principles

  5. You will learn how to protect yourself from negative energies

  6. You will learn about the 7 main chakras

  7. You will learn about the meridians within the body

  8. You will learn to connect to the Reiki energy

  9. You will be attuned to the Reiki energy

  10. You will learn the hand positions to do self healing

  11. You will learn the hand positions to do healing on friends and family

  12. You will learn to do healing on your pets

  13. You will learn how to clean the aura

  14. You will learn how to scan the body to find imbalances within the body

  15. You will learn how to perform a Rapid Reiki treatment

  16.  You will learn how to perform a Reiki group treatment

  17. You will learn about using Reiki through Pregnancy and on babies and children

  18. You will learn how Reiki comforts those crossing over

  19. Plus much more !!!


What you receive from the Reiki 1 workshop:

1. A beautiful Reiki 1 certificate
2. A 80 page printed full colour Reiki 1 manual in English


CRYSTAL WORKSHOP “For Beginners” Details:

Working with crystals and stones compliments all types of healing modalities. When you use Crystals with Reiki healing the energy is amplified and more powerful, it is like having a friend assisting you with the healing.

What will happen in the Crystal workshop “For Beginners”

  • You will learn how to choose crystals to work with.

  • You will learn how to cleanse crystals.

  • You will learn how to charge crystals with healing energy.

  • You will learn how to balance the 7 main chakras with a set of 7 crystals  (these crystals are for you to keep)

  • You will learn many useful ways for you to use crystals in your everyday life.

  • You will learn how to feel the energy of a crystal

  • Plus much more…


What you receive from the Crystal workshop “For Beginners”:

  • A beautiful “Beginners” certificate of participation

  • A 37 page printed manual (For you to keep)

  • A set of 7 crystals for balancing the 7 main chakras (For you to keep)