Combination healing treatments 



Combination treatments are great for assisting your healing on all levels (your mind, body, spirit and emotions.)

They can relieve stress and bring in a sense of peace and wellbeing and leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and calm.
They also clear the mind and balance the body, which may help you to find answers to questions or may help you to solve problems which were hard to solve with a cluttered, stressed mind.

The healer works intuitively while performing the treatment and uses different healing modalities wherever they are needed.

The healing modalities that are usually used during a combination healing treatment are Reiki healing, crystal healing, Quantum Touch Healing, Pranic healing, Sound healing, guided meditation, life coaching and chakra balancing and healing.

A Combination treatment is usually a 60 or 90 minutes treatment in which the client lies comfortably on a massage bed fully clothed.

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