1 to 1 Personal Mentoring & Coaching

in Paphos - Cyprus


1 to 1 Personal Mentoring and Coaching in Paphos, Cyprus for Personal development, Life skills and spiritual development at our Natural Healing and Wellness center or online through Skype, whatsApp or Facebook messenger

You can choose as many of the subjects below to add to your personal 1 to 1 development program

  1. How to creating a new positive mindset

  2. Overcoming negative thoughts

  3. Spiritual development & Guidance

  4. Overcoming limiting beliefs

  5. Setting your GOALS to assist you in moving forward in life

  6. Can't stop thinking while meditating, we also teach meditation that you DON'T have to stop thinking while meditating !!!

  7. Do you have difficulty visualising ? we also teach meditations that you don't need to visualise

  8. Structured ways to help you achieve your GOALS (how to overcome the obstacles and problems in achieving your goals.)

  9. Reiki healing All levels Reiki 1, 2, master and master/teacher (Includes refresher workshops or advanced learning) 

  10. Reiki healing for all types of animals (pets, sheltered, wild animals etc…)

  11. Learning about the chakras, how they work, what they are, how to unblock them, how to keep them balanced etc...

  12. Meditation (how to meditate and quieting all that mind chatter)

  13. Mindfulness (how to live in the present moment)

  14. Energy Healing and Natural Healing

  15. Inner work (Working with the self / self realization "who you truly are")

  16. How to heal and balance the chakras with crystals

  17. Creating balance, peace and harmony in your life

  18. The 7 main chakras and the energy channels "meridians" in the body

  19. Understanding and working with energy

  20. Protecting yourself from negative people and negative energy

  21. Connecting to source, and your guides and helpers

  22. Working with your guides and helpers

  23. Gratitude, and how to cultivate it and live in this high vibration

  24. Forgiveness, and how to let go and forgive others and yourself

  25. Unconditional love (For yourself and others)

  26. Why are you here and what is your true purpose in your life

  27. How awake are you, and the many levels of the awakening

  28. How to adjust, stay balanced and grounded while you are going through the awakening process.

Teacher: Michael Stavrinides (Reiki master/teacher/healer, Meditation teacher, Mindfulness teacher and Master practitioner, Crystal Reiki master/teacher, Spiritual teacher, NLP practitioner, Karuna Ki Reiki master/teacher, Pranic healer, Quantum Touch healer, Crystal healer, Life coach, Spirit guide coach, Energy healer, CBT coach)

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The 1 to 1 Personal Mentoring & Coaching includes:

  • A 1 day 1 to 1 workshop with your mentor and coach "Michael Stavrinides" on the subjects that you have chosen to learn from the many choices from above

  • A 30 to 100 page printed manual (for you to keep) which will cover the main points of the workshop you have chosen.

  • 30 to 50 handout worksheets (for you to keep) which will take you step by step through the processes of the strategies, tools and techniques of the subjects you have chosen to learn

  • There will be light refreshments throughout the day (tea, coffee, water)

  • There will be fresh fruits and biscuits throughout the day for you to enjoy

  • Then depending on the mentoring and coaching package you decide to choose, whether it is a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or 12 month mentoring and coaching package. We will meet for 1 hour each week at a pre-arranged time that suites both of us, either in person or online through Skype, whatsApp or Facebook messenger, This 1 hour weekly meeting is for us to go over areas of your development that you may be having difficulty with, we will have time for Q&A, and also discuss together the next step in your development.

  • You will have also have, 3 years, FREE Full Access to my exclusive private FaceBook group, which gives you on going learning and development, it is packed full of Mind, Body, Spiritual and Emotional information, articles, links to documentaries, inspirational films, audio books, pdf books etc…. and I keep adding more and more useful, amazing insightful information on a weekly basis

For more information on mentoring and coaching packages
Contact Michael Direct:
Mobile: (00357) 99447312

(Also whatsapp and viber)




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